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An extremely active, fast growing and friendly group, with the determined aim to help the Shenmue series in any way possible. And a goal to link up the fanbase and further enhance a truly great gaming community!


The Shenmue series holds a special place in the hearts of its fans. This App is for every fan, every member of the Shenmue Online Community. We all share the same goal, helping Yu Suzuki finish his vision for Shenmue..!

Together we can fight and get our Revenge...


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Articles & Updates

Here you can find Articles by many Shenmue Fans with different views and points, also every Update directly from YsNet regarding Shenmue III's progress!

Shenmue 3, A Peasants Dream - 4K

Rumours have been circulating round the gaming journalist sphere that Shenmue III has been demo-ed in a glorious 4K resolution! Since E3 just gone...

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SegaWhisper Interview by JDWorld!

Hi, I’m Andy Stinton, I run a number of social media pages online and was the fan who made the Shenmue 500K campaign and also the SEGA whisperer fan page. I enjoy a variety of things such as football, horror films and anything linked to Oriental cultures....

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Shenmue 3 Update #113

Today we would like to share two trailers from Tokyo Game Show 2019. The world of Ryo & company's travels!...

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Shenmue III Demo @E3

Since it's shocking announcement at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in 2015, Shenmue III has been delayed once and been through many iterations of character design....

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